Establishing Holistic Health, Improving Function, and Living With More Energy with Marjan Mogharrabi

In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, Marjan Mogharrabi shares with us her passion in the field of Holistic Nutrition. We discussed the practical health tips for improving overall health function, managing blood sugar levels and how to optimize digestion to increase longevity and energy.

Marjan has been a Holistic Nutritionist for over four years, providing one-on-one nutritional guidance to clients from all over the world. She specializes in assisting patients in balancing their blood sugar levels, allowing them to have more energy, better moods, fewer sweet cravings, and far better stress management. She feels that food has tremendous power and is passionate about how it influences our emotions, hormone balance, and mental wellness. Holding the designation as a Certified Nutrition Practitioner, she is also the author of “The Blood Sugar Management Guide“.

You can find more about Marjan and her services by visiting Healthy by Marjan.

*** Please note that the content discussed in this podcast is intended for self-education and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.