Finding Better Quality Sleep with Dr. Nishi Bhopal

In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, I chatted with Dr. Nishi Bhopal as we explore the field of sleep medicine and how sleep impacts our overall health. We discussed what the latest research shows regarding optimal blue light exposure and the importance of nasal breathing in sustaining cognitive function. Dr. Bhopal also outlined her recommendations for establishing a dietary strategy for improving sleep quality, as well as some great tips for designing the ideal sleep environment. 

Dr. Nishi Bhopal enjoys reading and hearing people’s stories and is fascinated by the mind-body connection, which drew her to a profession in Psychiatry. She founded IntraBalance Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep and is a founding member of the SamHere Psych Alliance, a global campaign to reduce the stigma around mental health.

After earning her medical degree from the University of Cork, Dr. Nishi then completed her psychiatric residency at Henry Ford Health System and her sleep medicine fellowship at Harvard Medical School. She went on to expand her education at the Maharishi Ayurveda Institute of America and the Integrative Psychiatry Institute.

As a triple board-certified professional in Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine, she includes mindset coaching, yoga and medication, psychology, and Ayurveda into her work, offering a comprehensive approach to her clinical treatment. She passionately believes in the innate healing capability of the mind, body, and spirit and aims to help each patient harness their own ability to sleep and perform better through her therapeutic method.

To know more about her services and work, check out IntraBalance Integrative Psychiatry & Sleep.

*** Please note that the content discussed in this podcast is intended for self-education and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.