Preventing and Managing Diabetes through Strategic Lifestyle Changes and Educational Support System with Audrey Carriere

In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, I am joined by Audrey Carriere, a Health & Nutrition Coach and a Diabetes Counseling Specialist, to discuss insulin sensitivity and management and prevention of diabetes. We explored the root causes for the continuous rise of diabetes cases, chatted on the effects of diabetes on lifestyle and mental health, and outlined preventative strategies for improving insulin sensitivity. Audrey also offers suggestions for helping friends and family get over the initial hurdle of improving their lifestyle habits.

As a mental health worker, Audrey Carriere started her academic career with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology at University Guelph. She later pursued the medical industry as a paramedic after graduating from Lambton College. She continued on her career path towards health and nutrition at Nutraphoria, a School of Holistic Nutrition. Afterward, Audrey completed her Masters of Counseling and Psychology at Yorkville University and currently works in health, nutrition, and mental health in group homes specifically helping people deal with their lifestyle habits.

*** Please note that the content discussed in this podcast is intended for self-education and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.