Emotional Management Strategies for Optimizing Mental Strength and Cognitive Function with Dr. Stephan Poulter

In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, I chatted with Dr. Stephan Poulter on some powerful strategies for emotional management and mental healing. We talked about the theme of mental health and wellness, the strategies to help cope with the stresses of life, improving cognition, and developing authentic self-confidence. Stephan outlined a series of strategies for assessing your emotional well-being and finding emotional harmony. He also provided some great practical tips for reaching a meditative parasympathetic state to improve mental wellness and function.

Dr. Stephan Poulter is a renowned licensed clinical family psychologist in private practice with over thirty years of experience specializing in family relationships and mental health. His professional directive has always been to help diagnose, treat and strengthen relationships. He has worked with hundreds of families in a variety of social, spiritual, and psychological settings. Dr. Poulter is also a public speaker and has authored seven books such as “The Shame Factor”, “The Father Factor”, “The Mother Factor”, “Your Ex-Factor”, “The Art of Successful Failure” and “Father Your Son”.

You can find more about Dr. Stephan on his website.

*** Please note that the content discussed in this podcast is intended for self-education and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.