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Building World-Class Athletes with CrossFit Games Coach Matt Torres

In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, I interviewed CrossFit Games coach, Matt Torres. We talked about all things relevant to getting maximum performance out of an athlete. We talked about setting expectations, programming, improving weakness, and adapting scope throughout the training season. Matt talked about his approach to mentality and recovery, and event-to-event strategy. 

Coach Matt Torres is a Jack of all Trades in sports and fitness. Growing up, his passion for sports helped him earn a scholarship to play division one college football at Central Michigan University from 2006-2011. He was a wide receiver at CMU and played with some top-notch athletes, such as Antonio Brown (Steelers), Joe Staley (49ers), Eric Fisher (Chiefs), Frank Zombo (Chiefs), and Jahleel Addae (Chargers).

After college, he and his colleague Dario Aviles found CrossFit in Naples and loved everything about it. What began as a motivation for fitness rapidly grew and transformed into a real business as they opened the doors of North Naples CrossFit in 2013. Since 2018, he has worked with Brute Strength, where he has helped several athletes reach their goals of making it to the CrossFit Games, including:  Jason Carroll, Dallin Pepper, Tudor Magda, Emma Cary, Fee Saghafi, James Sprague, and Phil Toon.

If you want to find out more about Coach Matt, check out his website at www.northnaplescrossfit.com and on Instagram at @heycoachmatt.   

*** Please note that the content discussed in this podcast is intended for self-education and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.

Chiropractic Practice & Modalities, Habit Stacking, and Coaching Discussions with Dr Jenna Arts

In this week’s episode of Healthspan Academy, we discuss chiropractic practice with Dr. Jenna Arts. We chat about the differences between functional movements and traditional exercises, the primitive reflexes in both adults and kids, and learn more about strategies leaning towards sleep and recovery.

Dr. Jenna Arts is passionate about helping others in attaining healthier versions of themselves. Her bachelor’s degree in kinesiology from Western University and her doctorate in chiropractic from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College were just the beginning of her journey in the medical field. She has proceeded to earn further training and certifications in nutrition, pregnancy, neurology, and early development after completing her education. Dr. Jenna’s health perspective in these areas enables her to deliver a unique and alternative answer to each of her patient’s health goals and concerns.

You can learn more about Dr Jenna via her website: lifeworksstudio.ca

*** Please note that the content discussed in this podcast is intended for self-education and is not to be interpreted as medical advice.